The St. Mark’s Outreach Ministry Team serves as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our surrounding community. Just as Christ ministered to those around Him in need of love, compassion and support, so too does our Outreach Ministry team, ensuring that their needs are met, that they know they are not alone, and that they feel the light of God shining on them at all times.


The St. Mark’s Worship Ministry Team serves to meet all of the liturgical needs of those who choose to celebrate the good news of Christ. Through our many unique worship services throughout the week, the Worship Ministry Team creates a faithful and holistic environment conducive to prayer, reflection and fellowship, and one where the Word of God is heard and understood by all who come.

Pastoral Care

The St. Mark’s Pastoral Care Ministry Team provides comfort and support during difficult times. The team ensures that parishioners experiencing an illness, death in the family, or a new addition to the family have nourishing meals. They also minister to our homebound parishioners or those unable to attend weekly worship through occasional visits or by taking Holy Communion to them.

Adult Formation

We deepen our faith by experiencing God’s Word. The adult formation team provides Bible studies, book studies, quiet days, and other activities that give us time during our busy lives to listen to what God is telling us.


Everything we have is a gift from God. The Stewardship Ministry Team assists everyone in discovering their gifts – whether time, talent, or treasure – and finding how to use those gifts effectively to serve the Lord. The team coordinates the parish’s annual stewardship response program and also conducts other programs throughout the year to help members discern how they can best use their gifts.

Children and Youth Formation

Our Children and Youth Formation Ministry Team ensures there are programs and activities to build and nurture the faith of our young people. We have Sunday morning programs for children – who are always welcome in our sanctuary during worship – as well as evening programs for middle- and high school-age students.

Buildings and Grounds Council

This ministry team keeps a roof over our heads. They ensure our beautiful buildings and gardens are kept in top shape and ready for use by our parish – and the wider community - to the glory of God.

Finance Ministry Team

Our Finance Ministry Team assists the Vestry with formulating an annual budget that meets our goals as a congregation. This team also oversees monthly spending to ensure our budget is followed and the money that is pledged to do God’s work is handled according to best financial practices.

Welcome Ministry Team

Our Welcome Ministry Team does just what their title says – they provide a welcoming atmosphere at St. Mark’s. The Welcome team seeks to ensure that all parishioners – whether new to the church or long-time members – feel a connection to both our worship experience and parish life, and we work to make visitors feel welcome and connected in worship, parish life and fellowship.

Livestream Ministry Team

We help broadcast the services straight into wherever you may be in the world via our website, Facebook and Youtube.